Monday, July 12, 2010

Jesus or the Ten Commandments

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Sunday, July 11, 2010
Galatians 3:1-14
A. Who are the rightness? We get the idea today that the rightness are people who have done super things but here the Bible tells us the rightness are those who know Jesus Christ. Those who have put their faith in Jesus to be their savior.
B. We need to take the true gospel to people. Too many churches and believers aren't doing this. We are waiting for them to come to us or to our churches which may never happen. Romans 10:17 says. Some people are going to churches that preach a false gospel. The true gospel is we all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. Christ died for us and rose to justify us. Who ever will call on Jesus to forgive their sins will be forgiven.
C. Often today you will hear something like this we are all children of God. That is not Bible. It would be Bible based to say we all creations of God but we are not all children now we can all be his children by receiving Jesus as our Savior.
D। The law the ten commandments were given to us not to save us. I heard this speaker who is big on the pro Lordship salvation side which I won’t get into now say the law is the best thing God has given us. I am sorry that is not correct. The ten commandments were given to us to show us our need for Christ. Lets says you are having some kind issue with a part of your body and you go to the doctor. He takes a x-ray . Does the X-ray solve your problem or taken away the pain nope it just shows what is wrong. So are you going to say I am so glad for the X-ray machine because it solved the problem you might be glad because the x-ray machine showed the problem but I am sure you are more thankful for the meds the doctor gave you or the cooperation he performed you because those things more likely solved the problem . The x- ray machine just showed what the problem was. It is the same with the ten commandments they just show us our spiritual problem that we are sinners. They don’t solve the problem or take away our sin.

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