Monday, June 7, 2010

Standing for right or Trying Please Men

Gal. 1:10 Reggie White was a player in the NFL and much of his playing time was spent with the Green Bay Packers. He was not ashamed of his God or faith. I heard once at a Super Bowl breakfast he was called on to say grace. In that prayer Reggie shared God’s plan of salvation. After Reggie retired from the NFL he was given as a job by CBS. However then CBS discovered Reggie had spoken out against the homosexual lifestyle. Reggie didn’t preach hate but just what the Bible says. Reggie hated the sin but loved the sinner. If Reggie wanted to please men instead of God he could have told CBS he was wrong because when CBS found out what Reggie had preached they cancel their deal with him. So it cost Reggie his job but Reggie cared more about pleasing God than man. Then I think of Franklin Graham who has been attacked the last few years for teaching the truth about radical Islam. It cost him a speech that had been planned at the pentagon. You think the leaders of the pentagon would understand the dangers of radical Islam but they don’t. In all the TV spots where somebody has talked to Rev. Graham he has not backed down in pointing out the dangers of radical Islam at the same time while pointing out what is wrong with radical Islam he has said he wants people in that faith to come to know Jesus Christ as their savior. Graham and his ministry does a lot of work among the poor around the world meeting everyday needs and many of the souls they helped are followers of Islam. If Rev. Graham wanted to please men he would stop preaching the truth about Islam but he cares know about preaching the Lord and following what his word the Bible says. He knows what matters in the end is what God thinks not what man thinks.

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