Sunday, June 20, 2010

Job of Fathers and how Children Should Treat Them

Sunday, June 20, 2010
Happy Father’s Day to all of you fathers. I hope it a blessed and good one for you.
What job has God given to fathers and how should children treat them.
Ephesians 6:1-4 -
If you are still a child you need to do what your parents say or don’t do what they say not to do. As a youth worker it drives me nuts when kids have an attitude or aren’t respectful. Young people if you are ever that way I hope your father, or mother or whoever is raising you will get the paddle, belt, or wooden spoon and spank your butt good or ground you for along time.
Now there are times when children don’t have to obey their parents, young people if your parents ever tell you to sin you don’t have to obey them like I use to do youth parties at my old church for fifth/sixth graders and third through sixth grade boys. I told the children they needed do what us leaders told them to do and not to do what we told them not to do unless we tell you to rob a bank which of course we didn’t tell them to do. So young people if anyone ever tells you to sin including a leader, teacher you don’t have to and you shouldn’t obey them.
Vs. 4 Fathers you need to discipline your children. Now discipline doesn’t mean abuse. Discipline should show young people that if they do this or that this is what will happen. A TV show I like to watch is World’s Stricted parents. In the show they have two teens who don’t listen to their parents so they are sent to live with some other parents for a week. These other parents are strict unlike the real parents. They punish the children by making them do push ups, or digging a hole, or some other kind of work. The real parents take a lot from the kids but the strict parents don’t. Fathers you need to discipline your children when they don’t respect others or have an attitude. If your child gives somebody a hard time you should remind them by showing them the belt is not just for holding their pants up.
Fathers it is your job to lead your family spirituality. You should not only take your kids to Sunday School you should go too. You should lead the family in Bible study. You should show your kids it is cool to talk to God and about . It is primary your job to impact your kids for Jesus. Yes you should take them to a good Bible based youth group, church, and Sunday School but it is not the job of others to see your young people impacted for and with the good news.
If you have not had a good father the day you put your faith in Jesus God becomes your father. He loves you no matter what you do. God as your father will give you spiritual spankings but he will never abuse you.
A Blessed Fathers Day. Don’t if your father is living to wish him a happy Father’s Day I wish I could still do that to mine but at least I know where he is.

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