Monday, August 23, 2010

the Problem and the Answer

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1 John 1:5-10
Vs. 7 It is only the blood of Jesus that can make you spirituality clean after you sin. Jesus gave his blood for every sin. You might say I am not good Jesus will never forgive me and you are kind of right. The Bible tells us no one is good all have fallen short of God’s glory. Jesus died for every sin you have committed or will ever commit. Others of you might be thinking I am better than others because I don’t sin like so and so. Guess what friends sin is sin. Also sin is not just bad behavior it is missing God’s mark which was 100% perfection, and sinless life that only Jesus could live.
And those of you who say you aren’t sinners have committed the sin of telling a lie. Lets look at verse 8 the truth is not in you if you won’t admit you are a sinner. The hardest people to get to admit they are sinners are religious church going people. In Jesus day it was the religious people that nailed Jesus to a cross. However God will not force himself on you or force you to admit you are a sinner. It is like a person who has a drinking problem no one can help them until they are willing to admit they need help and have a problem.
The good news if you will admit you are a sinner is found in verse 9. If we will admit we have sinned God will forgive us.

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